On the new year, and feeling good.


I've gone to bed way too late these last few days, and Walter even woke up last night for an hour and we had to do some sleeping triage with Henry in our bed while we calmed a loudly crying Walter, but these last few days have been heavenly.

I can't pinpoint an exact reason, but it just feels so good. We've got a routine going, Henry is more helpful and I can reason with him a little bit more. Walter is getting bigger, more toddler-like, more boy-like. I feel calmer, and even putting the boys to bed on my own last night while Ryan worked late I was good, in a rhythm, and not completely done/exhausted.

Also, I'm really in love with my boys right now. Not that I wasn't before, but, they're really lovable right now. They're not little robots, but even with their meltdowns or sadness when something doesn't go their way, they're just lovable. 

I don't know if I'm doing my feelings any justice right now by trying to put into words how I feel, but it just feels good. I'm sure this new year has something to do with it, too. My outlook is better, I feel more positive, I've been writing down catchy little life themes to help me get by like 'you have to finish what you start' and 'life is tough but so are you.' 

There was even snow this morning and so we watched a movie, made cookies, played.... It was a good day to be the mama of Henry and Walter today.

++ In 101 in 1001 news, I started my gluten free/dairy free month yesterday so for the cookies this morning we made these peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I made some with chocolate chips for the boys and some with raisins for me, since I didn't have any dairy free chocolate chips in the house. They're easy and yummy and definitely satisfied my baked-goods-because-it's-snowing craving.


2015: 101 goals in 1001 days.


We've made multiple lists, posted one once, then deleted it forever on accident. This one is for real. Honestly, being here in nyc is super helpful because this list could just consist of city goals, but we decided to make that a smallish part of the list and still focus on some bigger personal goals, spiritual goals, and goals we have for the boys and as a family.

I'm not sure what these next few years will hold, but I'll try my darndest to make sure we accomplish at least this, and record our experiences here as we go along.

New York City
  1. See a Broadway play
  2. Family pictures in Central Park
  3. See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  4. Go to the Central Park Zoo
  5. Go to the Bronx Zoo
  6. Attend an event in Madison Square Garden
  7. Ride on the Bryant Park Carousel
  8. Get tickets for a tv show
  9. Go see the Macy’s Day Parade (or the balloons the night before)
  10. Ice skate in Central Park/30Rock/Bryant Park
  11. See the AMNH Christmas Tree
  12. See the Bergdorf Christmas windows
  13. See the Plaza Santa
  14. Go to top of Empire State Building
  15. Take the Staten Island Ferry
  16. Visit the Cloisters
  17. Take a trip to the beach
  18. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  19. Go to the Transit Museum
  20. Bike in Central Park
  21. See the TODAY show live
  22. Visit September 11 Memorial and Museum
  23. Date night to a jazz club in Greenwich Village
  24. Visit the United Nations
  25. Eat at Katz Deli
  26. Lunch in Chinatown (Prosperity Dumpling)
  27. Go to economy candy
  28. Brunch in SoHo
  29. Eat at Chelsea Market
  30. Eat at Grimaldi’s
  31. Hot Chocolate at City Bakery
  32. Go on a tourist bus tour
  1. Read the entire Book of Mormon
  2. Family scripture study for one month consecutively
  3. Memorize 12 scriptures (at least 3 from each standard work)
  4. Attend the temple as a couple each month for 4 months consecutively
  5. Do temple work for 5 family names
  6. Have a family indexing party
  7. Read an entire Conference Ensign within 6 months of publication
  8. Keep a gratitude journal for a month
  1. Wear red lipstick
  2. Reread all Harry Potter
  3. Run a half marathon (formal or informal)
  4. Schedule 2 paid family/children photo shoots
  5. Gluten/Dairy free for one month
  6. No candy/sweets for a month
  7. Make/Buy reusable sandwich bags
  8. Sew a shirt
  9. Sew a baby blanket
  10. Sew aprons for the boys
  11. Tech-free Sundays for a month
  12. Join a gym
  13. Get ring polished
  14. Buy leather boots
  15. Take a vacation without the family
  16. Get a pedicure
  17. Central Park rowboat date
  18. Write in journal for 30 consecutive days
  1. Reread the Divine Comedy
  2. Run a 10K
  3. Cheer for the Dbacks in New York
  4. Read two Dickens Novels
  5. Read two Doris Kearns Goodwin books
  6. Take photography lessons from Emily
  7. Write in journal for 30 consecutive days
  8. Make 10 family blog posts
  9. Study Spanish consistently for three months
  10. Do two home-improvement projects
  11. Win a fantasy baseball/football league
  12. Become competent/confident in the kitchen (cook three saturday meals in a row)
  13. Buy high-end dress shoes
Walter and Henry
  1. Henry goes to his first baseball game
  2. Attend Kindergarten (Henry)
  3. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  4. Play catch (formally, with baseball gloves) with Dad
  5. Sign the boys up for a formal class (art, soccer, etc)
  6. Have a themed party with friends
  7. Learn how to ice-skate
  8. Memorize a scripture
  9. Visit Dad’s Office
  1. Buy a couch
  2. Buy dining room chairs
  3. Hang pictures up in living room
  4. Embroider Christmas stockings
  5. Buy a nativity/advent
  6. Create a 72 hour kit
  7. Visit 3 new baseball stadiums
  8. Weekend vacation for just the adults
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Vegetarian dinners for one month
  11. Unplugged Sundays for one month
  12. Send out Christmas card
  13. Send out birthday cards to all family members
  14. Go to the baseball Hall of Fame
  15. Collect 12 Christmas books
  16. Watch all of Lord of the Rings
  17. Watch 2 Indiana Jones movies
  18. Reach a Saving Fund Goal
  19. Stay under budget 10/12 months in a year
  20. Within 6 months of employment, have a fixed budget
  21. Add one more to the family


snapshots of our christmas.


Henry looking at all the presents for the first time. I love that cute, little, closed mouth smile.

Walter could have only gotten clementines for Christmas and would have been happy as a lark.

This is the first year that we stayed home for Christmas. And to be honest, I was going back and forth all week on whether I was excited to be home, in the comforts of our home, with our little family, and sad that I wasn't with my sisters, my neices/nephew, my mom and dad, the food, etc.

BUT, it turned out better than I could have imagined. It was quiet, it was comfortable, it was home and lovely. I'm so grateful for a wonderful mama who made each house we lived in a home. We woke up nice and early as Henry woke up, let him open his stocking and play with the train that Santa brought and I started making cinnamon rolls. Walter woke up later and we did stockings with him and then let the boys open their presents with the occasional mom/dad present in between. We ate the cinnamon rolls way after the boys had eaten their own breakfast, but that didn't matter at all. And then we just had a nice, relaxing day where Ryan was with us and we had no commitments at all (except for the awesome gchat I had with all of my siblings and our families and chatting with Ryan's parents). I made ham/rolls/veggies/sweet potatoes for dinner, the usual (for Christmas, not real life).

It really was so nice. There's something special about the hubub of a billion relatives coming together and something even more special coming together as just a family, making memories with just the four of us.

I'm excited to have some big, extended family Christmases in the next few years, but I will always remember this Christmas as the one with just us. Us.