the fourth.

This weekend had a lot of ups and downs, and even with Ryan going back to the grind of studying, it was actually a relief that yesterday was Monday. When was the last time you actually wanted the weekend to be over already? Hopefully it won't happen again for a long time. Highlights were: watching the fireworks comfy cozy on tv on the third, indoor bbq-ing with Julie and Oliver on the fourth, and having the tot lot all to ourselves on the fifth. We went to a friend's house on the 6th and had some fabulous ice cream cake and texas sheet cake (who says no to sheet cake? not me, ever.) and chatted with lots of friends who I don't get to chat with a ton/ever on Sundays since we high tail it home to get the boys fed/napped and those church hallways are just too small, anyways.

Believe me, there were downs in between, but writing it all sans the bummer parts makes me feel a ton better... I should do that more often.


the dilles come to hang out with us and help clean our house.

Pretty sure we have some of the best family there ever was. Jen wanted to come and help us move, but since it didn't work out logistically, she and Mara came just because. And even spent a little time cleaning while I cleaned/wrangled the boys and prepped our house even more for the eventual August move.

Jen and Mara are the best.
He was excited, you just gotta trust me on that one.

It was a fairly relaxing weekend while we mostly just stuck to the boy's schedules and ventured out in the afternoons after naptime. Our big adventurous day was on Saturday when we headed to the North End/Haymarket/the Waterfront. We took the boys on a carousel ride, walked and walked, stopped for a bit at a playground and ended eating Ernestos while Henry got soaked on the Greenway. Win.

Jen even treated us to a Sox game on Monday night. I love how much she loves baseball, she and Ryan could commisserate on how ammysmal the Dbacks were/are playing and Ryan had Mara on the other side of him so he unloaded as much of his Red Sox/Fenway/baseball trivia as possible in that short and sweet 1-0 victory. 

Although we don't know when we're headed to AZ again, or when we'll see them again, we already can't wait. Henry still asks about Mara and Jen and I love it. Go family!


[ode to pick your own fruit] strawberry picking.

I'm all out of synch this month with the posts all out of order, but oh well. I keep getting distracted at night online shopping and then looking at ways to improve my photography and then it's almost ten and  I think, "Shoot! I can pound out a blog entry in the next 6 minutes, right?" So the long blog entries with lots of thought keep getting pushed back. 

I can't believe that we won't be a hop, skip away from the fields of New England come this fall. I took the boys out to pick strawberries early last week and keep planning to go back (fingers crossed next week for some blueberry picking!), but since we may or may not do that, just wanted to document this trip. I love, love picking fresh fruit--there's just something so homey about it all. It was hot, I was on my hands and knees with Walter on my back and Henry next to me/in the next row/100 feet away, but it was so worth it for those little bits of heaven.

Before I start to weep at the thought of leaving the wide open spaces of Massachusetts (which is funny, because coming from Utah, Boston is anything but spacious...) I'll upload some pictures and leave it at that. It's sweltering hot these days with an impending hurricane on our hands, so you'd think I wouldn't be that sentimental about it all, but I am, I really am.